Mgs V Fob

Sep 9 2015 5 35am not sure the soldiers at my base come out mostly after 30 45min.

Mgs v fob. Fob guide mgsv. Unlike mother base others can attack them at any time stealing your resources and personnel. The phantom pain has quite a few activities in store for players looking for more out of their game.

Fobs are outposts of mother base. Brig fob when do soldiers come out of the fob brig. They bring more income let you have more dispatch teams but can be raided by other players.

They are separate from the central base although the resources and staff are from a shared pool. Sep 9 2015 5 37am. They work independently from it bringing in additional resources and money.

I m assuming this brig is for soldiers you have captured from other bases. Multiplayer mode for metal gear solid v. This page of ign s wiki guide contains information on the f o b.

They eventually expanded it and even completely renovated it to create a hexagon. You can have several or none but unlike mother base they are susceptible to attacks by other players. Showing 1 6 of 6 comments.

Forward operating bases in mgs 5 serve as additional resource farms. Forward operating bases are outposts of mother base in metal gear solid v.

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