Stardew valley expanded travelling cart merchant.

Travelling merchant stardew. It also appears each day of the night market winter 15 17. The traveling cart is a shop that appears south of the farm in cindersap forest on fridays and sundays. Stardew valley is an open ended country life rpg with support for 1 4 players.

The traveling merchant is a unique npc vendor who randomly visits the player s town for one day. The items they sell are mostly off season and or limited items. Traveling merchant i owe you.

His inventory is randomized and different every visit selling 4 10 4 12 average 5 47 5 97. If you interact with the pig it oinks at you. Travelling cart is basically a portable shop that is occupied by a travelling merchant.

Various boats and merchants will appear at the docks on the beach and offer to sell goods or take the player for a boat ride. On days that they re present be sure to pay them a visit. The cart is pulled by a pig wearing a fez and spectacles.

I m in early fall of my new playthrough and i was planning on doing a 1 year community center. In order for the traveling merchant to spawn at least 2 other npcs must already be present. The night market is open between 5pm and 2am but the submarine ride closes at 11pm and the mermaid boat closes at 12 30am.

The items that traveling merchants sell are expensive but there is a good reason for this. On fridays and saturdays in stardew valley a traveling merchant will visit. See below for details different items listed below.

The night market is a festival that occurs between the 15th and 17th of winter. It was going great until i realised i had forgotten a poppy in summer. Found pomegranate during night market on the 17th and rabbit s foot on friday 19th.

7 comments pages 1. Turns out she sells me a poppy seed on fall 21. The travelling cart is very useful in progressing the game and you will definitely need it in virtually.

More images view more from uploader. Multiplayer isn t supported on mobile. Wanting to see if i had truly missed my chance i checked ahead in time to see if the travelling merchant would have a poppy or poppy seed for sale.

Stardew valley expanded travelling cart merchant.

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