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The Curatist is a platform
for architects to get insights
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Three features that make your life easy.

We eliminated the pain points of scanning different media outlets.
Curated, aggregated and delivered to you.


See the latest news, trends and updates from the entire AEC industry at one glance or choose your focus on Design, Tech and Business.


Fuel up from our stunning inspiration board: treat your eyes with quality visuals about architecture and interior design. 

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Skip the endless browsing and jump to relevant results. Forget the hassle, use smart search.

Instantly yours, or whenever you need it.

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Not everyone reads the same way.

That's why we offer you various layout options with light & dark backgrounds.
Experience different themes and find the best fit for you.

Overlook at a glance.
An old time favorite.
Pictures over all.
Pictures over all.
An old time favorite.
Overlook at a glance.

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We created the Curatist to make architects' life a little bit easier.
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